I feel like setting powders are essential for makeup lovers. They set your makeup to last all day, it keeps your concealer from creasing, and blurs fine lines and wrinkles! I typically use setting powders everyday, I typically sweep it across the areas I used concealer. I use the baking method as well but only for pictures and special occasions. Baking tends to look heavy and not so great in person with natural lighting. When applying a setting powder you can use a kabuki brush, fan brush, or a beauty blender! Both are great for all skin tones and skin types.

RCMA No Color Powde

Rcma No Color Powder

This powder has become so popular just here lately! I love this setting powder cause it really brightens up my face giving me a lustrous glow. You can pick this bad boy up at

Laura Mercia Powerjpg

Laura Mercier Translucent

This product has been by my side for a long time. When I’m about to run out of it I literally run to Sephora for more. This powder gives such a natural finish to my makeup. It does have a yellow tint to it but it will blend in translucent!

Baking tip!
Step 1 Apply and blend your concealer

Step 2 Apply considerable amount of setting powder on top of where you applied concealer

Step 3 Let it sit and BAKE for about 3-5 minutes

Step 4 Brush away excessive powder residue

Step 5 Spray a misting spray all over to cancel out any powder/cakeyness

Step 6 Take a Reese’s break

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