Good Genes (1)

Good Genes
Hot dang! I’m already so in love with this little number. It is an exfoliator to help with dull skin, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. I’ve been using this daily since I received it and I love the results. My skin feels soft, smooth, and radiant! It’s perfect for all skin types and ages.

Water Cream? Sign me up! This makes my skin feel so hydrated! It’s very light-weight and does not feel greasy at all. Packed with two types of hyaluronic acids and tamarind extract to quench and plump your skin! There’s also a huge dose of white bird of paradise extract to help with dark spots. This is definitely my go to moisturizer!

My one and only! I have mentioned this before, but I included it with its siblings here so it wouldn’t feel left out. This product does have retinol in it, but never fear, it is not harsh on the skin! I have only noticed the best results with this product. My skin looks and feels amazing. I use it every single night. It boosts collagen production, reduces discoloration, and leaves your skin feeling smooth!

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