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Oribe has been an absolute game changer for my hair; which has always been long, with soft curls. But I never could find products that I really liked for it! Just here recently I’ve been styling my hair a heck of a lot more often, and with a wider variety of styles, than usual because Oribe makes my hair so gorgeously manageable!


Imperial Blowout

I can’t tell you enough how much I love this crème! This product makes my hair look increasingly more youthful and healthy by adding moisture, shine, and volume. I apply the crème roots to my ends, on barely damp hair, then use a roller brush and hair dryer to blow it out. This blow out lasts me days, daaays I tell you!



3 words.. Big, Texas, Hair! This is a texturizing spray that adds so much volume. It absorbs oils from the roots, acting like a dry shampoo, which makes my styles hair last five-ever!


Apres Beach

Want beach hair without going to the beach and getting sand everywhere? Well look no further! This is an awesome spray that adds texturized, soft waves without making your hair dry and crunchy. You can use it on wet or dry hair. Quick, and easy, for effortless waves.


Royal Blowout

I apply this spray, from about shoulder length, directly to my ends on damp hair. It’s efficiency at repairing split-ins, and creating light-weight, soft, healthy looking hair means you don’t have to use a lot!



Vo-vo-vo-volume! You can use this spray on everything from roots to ends, but I personally love it on my roots. My long hair tends to weigh down a little, which takes volume away from the top. Use on damp hair and it helps add more volume when paired with a blow dryer.

These products are great for all hair types, color treated hair, has no parabens or sodium chloride, and they adds UV protection!

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