Alterna is an awesome brand to turn to when you need to give your hair the treatment it deserves! All their products are free of Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. It is a brand you can trust to restore your hair to be the best that it can be 😀 There are so many products by this brand that you need to take a look at, but these were the ones I couldn’t live without!

Alturna 2 Caviar

Instant recovery Shampoo and Conditioner
Ya’ll know I have a lot of hair! I get my hair trimmed regularly and I’ve never used dye. But I have started styling my hair more extravagantly, and using hot tools! I use this awesome Shampoo and Conditioner to help keep my hair looking wide eyed and bushy tailed! It renews every strand, leaving your hair strong and healthy!

Moisture Intense Oil Crème
Cutting all the corners with this one! Use it everyday, or as a leave-in, for just 10 minutes and wash out. Either way, this is stuff is potent! This will give you the incredible soft and smooth mane you’ve always wanted.

Multi Vitamin Heat Protection Spray
If you use any type of heat on your hair, you need this! As I explained before, I’ve been using more hot tools like, blow dryers, curling wands, and -well I guess that’s basically it- but I protect my hair from the heat with this spray. It not only gives your hair some moisture and repairs previous damage, but it leaves a protective shield of up to 450 degrees! 

Alterna 3

Summer Ocean Waves
Mango coconut scent anyone? Yes please! I love this stuff. It gives you those beach waves without making your hair dry, stiff, and crunchy! -that’s totally not cute. It has UVA/UVB protection to avoid breakage, and all the while making your hair Victoria Secret ready.

BB Beach Balm For Hair
This works as a primer or styling product. It’s a 5-in-1, transforming your hair to help shine, manage frizz, condition, provide uv protection, and hold style

Summer Sun Recovery
You can’t escape that mango coconut scent yet! This spray helps condition, detangle, and restore. It’s perfect for days you plan on being in the sun a lot, or have been in the sun already. Just spray it on damped hair before you style and then enjoy your day roasting in the heat!

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