Skin Fetish 003
These Highlighters are beyond gorgeous! They come in two color trios, and both are great for all skin tones. You can wear the balm, highlighter, and pigment alone or layer them on each other. All products create such different highlighting looks. Using the balm alone gives such a natural glow and is perfect for a fresh makeup look. The highlighter give a little more luminous glow which enhances your makeup and contour. Don’t even get me started on the pigment. The pigment is so pigmented ha. But seriously, That’s the only word that could describe it! A little goes a long way with this product! It has an iridescent lighting effect which gives both color trios a nice contrast. Layering all of them together creates a legendary highlight. Both packages comes with a medium stippling brush! You can swipe the balm and highlighter on but you would use the brush for the pigment. But remember, don’t go crazy, a little goes along way, unless your like me, then go crazy!


Nude – silver package
The balm is colorless. The highlighter is peachy-pink. The pigment is iridescent and shines light pink, lilac, and peach. Nude would be perfect for fair/light skin tones.


Golden – gold package
The balm is colorless. The highlighter is champagne- gold. The pigment is iridescent and shines light pink, champagne, and gold. Golden would be perfect for tan/darker skin tones.

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