My favorite Lip Plumpers!



All of these plumpers can be worn alone or with your favorite lipsticks! Since Kylie, and her amazing voluptuous lips have made their debut, getting fuller lips has been all the rage! I’ve picked some of my favorite lip plumpers to show you how I get the “At Home” pout. The list is not in order, all of them have their own awesomeness!


Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper

This lip plumper is awesome for hydrating your lips and plumping them at the same time! It’s made with Hyaluronic Acid which makes your skin cells bind and absorb water, to add volume to the area. You can instantly see your lips getting more plump without any tingling or burning sensations, and the formula feels so nice on your lips! You can use this product with any of your favorite lipsticks or by it’s self. The product comes equipped with a cushion applicator, for easier application and cleaning.


Too Faced Lip Plumper Extreme

It’s called Extreme for a reason! Whoa! You get extreme results with a dazzling tingle! I however don’t mind the burn, just tells me its working! 🙂 Too Faced created an awesome lip plumper by adding Vitamin E (protects your lips from the sun) and Maxilip (increases oxygen in the skin, which skin needs oxygen to help produce collagen). Try to use this product 2x a day to achieve semi-permanent results!! The last major ingredient is Dehydrated Marine Sponge and, I have no idea what that is. But! It sounds pretty flippin’ cool. –Oh, hmmm my lip plumping gloss has Dehydrated Marine Sponge in it… *hair flip*


Glam Glow Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment

Do you want sexy, kissable lips? Even if that meant you had to burn your lips off to get it?? ..Okay, it isn’t quite that bad! Just want to warn you that it does have a minty sting when you first apply it! What makes this one stick out from the rest is actually in it’s name. “MATTE”. This lip product is completely mattifying, which is awesome if you don’t like glossy lip products. It creates the perfect palette for all your matte lipstick.. matte lip cremes.. etc, you seeing a pattern here? 😉 This bad boy is packed with all kinds of special ingredients such as botanical plumping actives, which is derived from plants. And tripeptide, which is known to help boost collagen production. I love wearing this one when I’m wearing little to no makeup. It gives me a fresh pout without looking like I have anything on!

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