Becca Luminous Blush

After I received Becca’s new line of blushes, I could not wait to try out every single color! All of them looked so vibrant, and when I swatched them I instantly noticed how creamy the texture was. I was hooked! I instantly fell in love with Dahlia, it’s like this gorgeous reddish burgundy ..Oh! And Blushed Copper. The name really gives the color away but I’m thinking it is going to be my new favorite for a summer glow look. And of course, I can’t forget to shout out Foxglove, it’s like a deep pinkish mauve!! I’m seriously in love with all of them. The blushes are very pigmented and luminous -not glittery, I think they’re perfect for any skin tone.

Beca Blushes

Dahlia cabernet Camellia ballerina pink Tigerlily tangerine Blushed Coppercopper Snapdragon coral Foxglove orchid

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